ELTE Roman World and the Far East Research Group

The ELTE Roman World and the Far East Research Group is an interdisciplinary project founded by the Eötvös Loránd University Excellence Fund that belongs to the Confucius Institute.

It aims to develop an understanding of the relations between the Roman world, Southeast Asia, and China and to facilitate comprehensive and synthetized research that includes written texts, a complex database of archaeological data (both Roman and related materials), and a theoretic framework. The Research Group intends to shed new light on the different networks and communities linking the Roman world to the Far East. Within the framework of this project, relevant archaeological materials from and textual sources about the regions of Southeast Asia and China will be compared, and the possible reasons behind the appreciation of Roman and Roman-like artefacts in the above-mentioned communities will be analyzed.


Hoppál Krisztina

Krisztina Kinga Hoppál, PhD

archaeologist; group leader

Her main research interests are Sino-Roman relations, intercultural exchange in Antiquity, inter- imperial connections, long-distance trade, and archaeology of Southeast Asia and China.

Pap Melinda

Melinda Pap, PhD

sinologist; postdoctoral researcher

She teaches Chinese language, philosophy, and literature at the Chinese Department of ELTE since 2008, currently as a senior assistant professor.

Boros Péter

Gábor Péter Boros

sinologist; PhD student

His research focus is 19th–20th century Chinese Buddhism, and specifically Buddhist-Christian dialogue centering around the figure of Buddhist master Taixu.